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Witches Retreat

The Second  annual Witches Retreat 2020 " Magic In the tropics," founded by our incredible hosts and teachers, Tanet Jordan of The Conjure goddess and Stefanina Baker of Readings &  Rituals. Join us as we enjoy the sights, the food, and magic of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico while getting an invaluable interactive spiritual learning experience. 

This 5 day experience June 17-22, 2020 will consist of 5 workshops each by The Conjure Goddess and Readings & Rituals for a total of 10 workshops.. We will be bringing you traditional witchcraft and hoodoo rituals. Along with these amazing classes there will be an amazing group excursion. Once the day is done, feel free to explore the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta  with your new witchy sisters and brothers!

Each class will provide you the tools and resources you need to further your spiritual journey.

Here's what to expect:

  • welcome/ opening ceremonies rituals
  • 10 hands on interactive workshops
  • rituals/ceremonies
  • All inclusive experience with food and premium drinks 
  • 1 night catamaran cruise with a performance of ancient rituals and ceremonies  (dinner is included )
  • relaxation experiences including yoga and massages
  • fully staffed mansion including a butler to accommodate any of your needs 
  • one on one readings by appointment 
  • Witches Ball annual party hosted by The Conjure Goddess and Readings & Rituals 

complimentary gift cards to both The Conjure Goddess and Readings & Rituals shops.